Metova Industry Intelligence: Survey Findings of 2020

At Metova to best understand the industries we serve we take many approaches. One of the most informative and compelling ways is through our ongoing consumer research. Want to truly know what your customers think? Ask them.

Throughout 2020 we surveyed thousands of U.S. residents on topics ranging from technology and working from home, to contactless technology in the hospitality industry, to telemedicine. Below are some of the most interesting findings from 2020:

Hospitality: 80% have avoided staying in a hotel, casino or resort specifically due to COVID-19 and going forward, 90% want a mobile app to manage entire stay without having to interact with a person.

Telemedicine: 80%, if given the option, would choose telemedicine for their next medical appointment

Mobile Voting: 67% of people who did not vote in the last presidential election would have voted if they could have done so on their smartphone

Contact Tracing: 77% would want to be notified via mobile alert if someone they came in contact with contracted COVID-19

Work from Home: 48% say they are more productive working from home and 57% would prefer to work from home in the future 

Tech Trends: Almost half of consumers say their phone surpassed their computer for day-to-day usefulness from 2015 – present