NEWS: Survey Reveals Tech and Trends that Changed Consumers Lives During the 2010’s

Survey Reveals Tech and Trends that Changed Consumers Lives During the 2010’s

Survey Commissioned by Metova Reveals Smartphones Have Surpassed Computers for Day-to-Day Usefulness, Streaming Entertainment as a Leading “Life-Changing” Tech and a Strong Expectation for Self Driving Vehicles

FRANKLIN, Tenn., and FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. Feb. 12, 2020 Metova, a world-leading provider of mobile, web, connected and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, fueled by emerging technologies including machine intelligence, mixed reality, and blockchain, today announced the results of their latest technology survey revealing the sentiment of over 1000 consumers on the tech, other than smartphones, that most changed their lives during the 2010’s. Notably, the survey found streaming entertainment (23%), online shopping (25%) and high-speed home internet (26%) as the leading technologies that changed consumers’ lives the most during the 2010’s

Other findings include a strong desire for Self Driving Cars, with 30% naming it as the top technology they “expected to become fully ‘ready’ during the 2010’s but has not yet happened,” along with almost one third naming it the top tech they are excited about for the coming decade. In addition, half of consumers say their smartphone has surpassed their computer for day-to-day usefulness during the past five years.

“In seeing the amazing effect smartphones have had during the 2010’s, we wanted to take a look at what other tech most changed lives to consumers within their homes,” said Jonathan Sasse, president at Metova. “It’s impressive to see the profound shift high-speed internet has had on our culture – bringing activities such as shopping and even seeing a movie, which were not too long ago done on-the-go, right to consumer’s living room couch.”

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Metova 2010’s Tech Trends Survey Results:

  • Almost half of consumers say their phone surpassed their computer for day-to-day usefulness from 2015 – present, while more than one quarter say it has not happened yet
  • Streaming Entertainment (23%), Online Shopping (25%) and High-Speed Home Internet (26%) are the tech that consumers say changed their lives the most during the 2010’s 
  • Amazon Prime is the leading online shopping service (93%) followed by eBay at 5% and WalMart at 1%
  • Streaming entertainment (58%) is the top way high-speed internet changed lives during the 2010’s, followed by Gaming at 13% and Video calls at 11%
  • Netflix is the leading streaming entertainment service with 45% of respondents using it the most, followed by Youtube at 21% and Amazon Prime Video at 10%
  • Televisions are the most used connected home device (48%)
  • Self driving Cars (29%) were the top technology that consumers “expected to become fully “ready’ during the 2010’s but has not yet happened” – with 31%  saying it is the top tech they are looking forward to in the coming decade

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