NEWS: Metova Announces Digital Transformation and IoT Tech Assessment Services

Metova Announces Digital Transformation and IoT Tech Assessment Services

Metova Offering Provides a Detailed Analysis of Existing Technology Architecture and Source Code with a Focus on Company Growth and Goals

FRANKLIN, Tenn., and FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. Dec. 19, 2019 Metova, a world-leading provider of mobile, connected car, connected home, smart building and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, fueled by emerging technolgies including machine intelligence, mixed reality, and blockchain, today announced their complete tech assessment offering. Metova’s digital transformation and IoT Tech Assessment Services allow companies to take a full inventory of their existing technological capabilities and architecture, providing the knowledge and foundation needed before executing significant digital growth or transformation. Planned and executed to accomplish specific company goals such as due diligence prior to an acquisition, validating the security of a previously created app or service, or simply taking stock of assets before commencing a digital transformation, Metova’s Tech Assessments cover all realms of technology including mobile, web, API, hosting and cloud services.

“Digital transformation requires not just a knowledge of your industry, clarity around your company goals and knowing what your customers really want – but also a firm, clear understanding of your digital assets,” said Jonathan Sasse, president at Metova. “If you’re about to bet your future on software or architecture you already have, but need to know for sure if it’s a sound bet, our software development experts will assess it for you and ensure you have the right plan in place.”

To read more from Metova president Jonathan Sasse on Tech Assessment and preparing for Digital Transformation, read his Forbes contributed article The Road To Digital Transformation: Who Are You And What Do You Have? 

To read a Q&A with Metova CTO Andrew Cowart on Tech Assessments, please visit:

Metova Tech Assessment:

  • Full API, Backend Architecture and Code Analysis
  • Comprehensive security scan for companies dealing with sensitive or critical data
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Includes recommendations for add-on technologies or transformation paths
  • Available standalone or as part of Metova’s end to end technological solutions

Metova provides a complete range of technology-centered services designed to equip businesses to lead their market and increase customer loyalty by leveraging emerging solutions for mobile, web, connected home, connected car, and IoT technologies. Metova strategists and architects help companies solve problems in all industries ranging from services and entertainment, to finance and logistics and everything in between, specializing in evaluating a companies’ existing technology and their customer’s needs to prepare for and execute the enormous task of digital transformation.


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