Mobile Wellness Apps Help you Lose Weight and Stay Fit in 2012

Jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions with these wellness apps developed by Metova

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Jan. 6, 2012 – On January 1, 50 to 75 percent of us made at least one New Year’s resolution, and if past statistics hold true, a good portion of these vows were to exercise more and lose weight.

By January 7, 22 percent of these well-conceived plans will be abandoned, according to a 2007 paper published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology. If you are one of the many looking to beat the odds and succeed in the new year, you might be looking for some tools to help you along the way.

Located in the city known worldwide as a health care center, Nashville, Tenn., mobile app developer Metova has a lot experience designing technology that helps people get healthy and stay that way.

“Health-related apps are a significant portion of our business, and it only continues to grow,” said Metova President Kevin Ross. “In the last year, we’ve been fortunate to work with a couple companies that are closely identified with the nexus of health and technology: Bluefin Software and FIT Radio. Both companies have taken a different approach to helping people stay healthy, but they’ve both been great to work with. It’s an honor to work with people whose goal is to help people live better lives.”

Below are the smartphone applications developed by Metova for these companies that will help you train, stay motivated and monitor your exercise and weight-loss goals:


Bluefin Software, LLC

Bluefin screen shot

Helping beginner and intermediate runners achieve their training goals, Bluefin Software’s full suite of apps includes Ease into 5K, Ease into 10K, Bridge to 10K, Novice Half Marathon and Bootcamp, among others.Through established partnerships with respected trainers, the apps enable users to follow custom training plans and stay-on-track with their goals. Users can share workouts on Facebook and Twitter and can track their workouts with GPS. The $2.99 apps also feature audio alerts, in-app playlists and a journal.

Bluefin Software Founder Alex Stankovic developed the iOS version of Ease into 5K in early 2009, and joined with app developer Metova to create the Android version in 2011.

“People are blown away with how they can stick with the plan and get to a 5K in eight weeks,” said Stankovic. “There is something innately motivating about having an app with a schedule laid out, and once you complete a workout, you can mark it as complete.”

In December, Stankovic released a new iOS power walking app. The 12-week program follows the same principle as the Ease into 5K app, gradually getting those unable to run ready for a 5K power walk.

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FIT Radio

FIT Radio marries music with your exercise routine. Designed to give you motivation to feel energized when working out, FIT Radio provides high quality music that’s mixed by DJs to give your New Year’s resolution workouts a continuous soundtrack.

The app developed by Metova launched in June 2011 for iPhone and Android. The free service is also available online at

“FIT Radio gives you access to high-energy music that can help anyone over the hump of fatigue or faltering inspiration,” said Russell Greene, founder and CEO. “FIT Radio is poised to take your exercise routine to he next level.”

FIT Radio has grown exponentially since the first of the year, and was recently recognized by the Mashable Awards as one of the top music apps in 2011, FIT Radio has an HTML5 version in the works and worldwide expansion plans for 2012. FIT Radio’s next update to its app will make it possible for DJs to upload their own mixes.

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Bluefin Software develops applications for mobile devices that are designed around the fitness experiences of real people and supported by the latest knowledge in health and fitness, software design and technology. Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, Bluefin Software was founded in 2008 when husband and wife duo, Alex and Tanya Stankovic, decided to tackle a 5K training program and develop a hassle-free iPhone complement their training. Three years later, Bluefin Software’s line of iOS and Android fitness apps have been featured on ABC News and in SELF magazine. Learn more at


FIT Radio supplies non-stop, high-energy mixed music produced by experienced DJs who understand the wants and needs of their listeners. Available online and through applications for Android and iOS, FIT Radio is specifically designed to intensify listeners’ enthusiasm, boost their workout performances, and make people move in general. Russell Greene, founder and CEO, has been working in the nightclub industry for over ten years. He is currently a partner and operating manager of a renowned club in Atlanta, Opera Nightclub.

Metova is a software company that develops custom mobile applications for smartphone and tablet platforms, including Android, iPhone/iPad/iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. Founded in 2006 by Kevin Ross, the company of 23 employees is based in Franklin, Tenn. With more than 150 clients, Metova works with the world’s most respected brands, including members of the social, media, technology and health care industries. Metova’s goal oriented, agile development process is guided by the principles of innovative and simple design and superior customer service. Learn more at