2019’s Top Tech Trends: Metova Connected Consumer Surveys

In our never-ending quest to embrace emerging technologies and understand the behaviors and trends that propel them, we continued our surveys of thousands of connected consumers in 2019 on topics ranging from the Connected Car and IoT (Internet of Things) to Mobile First and much more. Here are some of our most interesting findings:

IoT and the Connected Home

  • IoT device ownership is up 10% year to year – with nearly 75% reporting to own an IoT Device
  • Over two out of three people view IoT as the “Wave of the Future” – a 10% increase since 2018
  • Nearly 75% percent of people surveyed watch TV or video via the Internet – an increase of 14% since 2018
  • The most commonly owned IoT device category (over 30%) is Smart Bluetooth Trackers such as Tile or TrackR
  • The amount of people who are able to monitor their utility usage in real-time via their smartphone more than doubled in 2019

The Connected Car

Mobile First!

Smartphones and Healthcare