SLAM-R Cybersecurity Solution Updated to 2.8

CABOT, Ark., Feb. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Metova CyberCENTS, a cutting-edge authority in cybersecurity simulation and training and a Cybersecurity 500 honoree, today announced updates to SLAM-R©, the industry’s leading Cyber-Attack emulation and simulation technology. Metova CyberCENTS SLAM-R Cyber Range technology for persistent cyber training environments creates a digital environment that emulates a real world “mission partner” network and Internet (gray) space. SLAM-R provides a risk-free persistent training environment for Cyber Protection and Cyber Operations professionals to train and exercise offensive and defensive measures and forensics on an off-line network that models their own environment.

Industry Leading Cyber-Attack Emulation and Simulation Tech Now Offers Global Traffic Tracker, New Attack Library and More

SLAM-R version 2.8 offers a number of new features and updates including the ability to import and export virtual machines, support for multi-disk virtual machines, a Global Traffic Tracker, an updated attack library, updates to the Graphic User Interface and multiple content updates.

SLAM-R is the brain and heart of Metova’s CENTS® platforms. It is a software application suite providing the needed virtual and emulated elements for a fully immersive cyber operations training and testing environment. SLAM-R provides the needed features and effects of a real-world network operations center, mission partner network and a global Internet environment. In addition, SLAM-R has the ability to create and execute complex scenario-based network attack events.

“With the release of SLAM-R 2.8, Metova continues to demonstrate our commitment to advancing the technology in support of our customers,” said Bill Dunn, president of Metova CyberCENTS. “These enhancements and those being planned for future releases of SLAM-R are a direct result of input provided from and prioritized by our user community.”

Metova continues to provide SLAM-R updates to customers on a six month cycle and, except in unique cases of specialized requirements, provides their user community all features with no additional cost.  Additionally, included in the release is customer-site training on the new features and refresher training if needed.

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Using state-of-the-art training simulators much like those used by fighter pilots, CENTS® was developed in 2006 to support cyber training and operations for the US Air Force. Following a decade of success and continual refinement, today CENTS® is the pre-eminent product portfolio for preparing cyber operators to detect and defend against malicious actors. CENTS® provides a powerful, realistic, risk-free simulated environment for training, developing and testing response actions to routine, zero-day, and catastrophic events.