Stats To Help You Understand Facebook

Understanding the impact of Facebook content is important for determining and finalizing your social media strategy. The more you know, the more likely you are to optimize engagement. Here are a few stats to help you understand Facebook effectiveness better!

 Facebook Videos

stats to help you understand facebook iphone taking a photo

Facebook videos have 16% higher engagement than posts with images.


Text Characters

stats to help you understand facebook mac keyboard

The ideal length of a status update is 40 characters, short and sweet! Make sure that it is concise and informative.


Facebook Images

stats to help you understand facebook Facebook image selfies

Posts that contain an image can see up to 2.3 times more engagement than those without.


Organic Traffic

stats to help you understand facebook facebook organic traffic

Facebook post organic traffic is likely not as high as you anticipated. Studies show that organic traffic to Facebook posts is around 2% on average. Therefore, make sure to optimize your posts for maximum engagement and pay to “boost” posts when needed!

By just keeping these few items in mind you can put your best foot forward with regards to getting the most out of your Facebook posts. If you are interested in assistance with boosting your Facebook engagement, let our marketing team help you perfect your very own custom marketing plan!


Alexa Williams
Alexa Williams