PRESS RELEASE: Management Team Completes Acquisition of Metova, Relocates Home Office to Ledger in Bentonville, Arkansas

Metova, Inc. has been acquired by the internal management team from the existing private equity investment group and has relocated to Northwest Arkansas from Franklin, Tennessee

BENTONVILLE, Ark., January 5, 2023 — Metova, a leading agency defining, designing, and delivering custom software products and solutions for web and mobile that fundamentally change how an organization operates and delivers value to its customer since 2006, has been acquired by the existing management team from private equity investors. The transaction supports Metova’s focus on providing innovative software solutions in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, consumer services & entertainment, fintech, and the Internet of Things.

“The Metova team is well-positioned for growth as a result of this acquisition,” said Josh Smith, CEO of Metova. “This enables our team to focus on expansion, while also giving us the opportunity to increase our commitment to the state of Arkansas.”

Image of the Ledger office, located in Bentonville, Arkansas.

In addition, Metova, Inc. has relocated its headquarters to Bentonville, Arkansas from Franklin, Tennessee as a member of the Ledger, which opened in November of 2022. This move allows the Metova team to embed some of its key leaders directly into the heart of the Arkansas tech scene as Metova positions itself to be a key leader in the greater Arkansas digital transformation movement. 

Additionally, by establishing a new headquarters in northwest Arkansas, Metova will increase recruiting efforts, collaborate with local businesses, and be an active member of the Ledger community of brands servicing the community and the city of Bentonville.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Metova establish their headquarters in Bentonville,” said Asa Hutchinson, Governor of the state of Arkansas. “Metova has already been a valuable member of the Arkansas community for nearly a decade, supporting our local startups, our computer science initiatives, coding academies, and establishing local intern programs and career opportunities for college students in Arkansas.”

Metova has already been working closely with technology-based startups within the state of Arkansas, including local telemedicine company, Innovator Health.


“We had a really big project that had a huge impact on our company,” said Dr. Darren Sommer founder and CEO of Innovator Health. “The Metova team has been so professional to work with and everything that they said they could do, they have done tenfold. It made a huge difference for us.”

The Metova management team is built of a diverse group of leaders with decades of operational and digital transformation experience including Josh Smith, CEO, Innovate Arkansas Industry Fellow, co-founder of First Orion and formerly of Acxiom, Jonathan Sasse, Chief Strategy Officer, former CMO of First Orion, Andrew Cowart, CTO, a senior member of Metova since 2008, Cade Collister, VP of UX/UI, formerly CXO of Acumen Brands and One Country and Josh Duntz, President and former EOD technician in the United States Navy.


Founded in 2006, with the belief that mobile would be even more transformative than the internet, Metova set out to build innovative mobile applications while also creating a great place for people to work. Today, Metova continues to build on its success by retaining world-class talent and helping companies transform their business through custom software products and services for web and mobile. After identifying customer needs, informed through research and design, Metova defines and builds the experiences customers expect, aligned with business goals to streamline workflows and increase revenues – while delighting customers and disrupting industries. To get started building your own custom products, please visit or to join the team!

Alondra Cruz
Alondra Cruz