Enable and expand fleet management by implementing sensor networks, data management and third party connections to lead your industry and serve your customers while growing your business.

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Metova’s Turnkey Fleet Management IoT Solution

Drawing on our industry, technology and strategic experience supported by our alliance network, we provide a single turnkey service that includes:

Metova’s turnkey IoT solutions are tested and integrated to reduce the time to market to a minimum – with less risk.

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“Metova’s solution is a real time saver, enabling us to optimize equipment maintenance schedules, find a specific rental vehicle on demand, or look up equipment history all from a mobile device – and all while operating in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and withstanding hard shock and water in abusive environments.”

Tom Showalter, President

President, Herc-U-Lift

Metova’s Research & Strategy division initiated the project with multiple on-site visits to fully define and understand Herc-U-Lift’s specific needs, as well as their operational environment and existing data and infrastructure.

We then designed a viable, complete IoT solution using a combination of customized technologies and IoT telemetry, as well as tracking devices and protocols including variations of long-range high-speed mobile wireless, low power wireless transmission beacons, GPS, and more – all synced through AWS.

To ensure security, Metova architected the solution to use site-to-cloud VPN and defined data governance – separating equipment data from operational and financial data.


Designed on the AWS Cloud and AWS IoT platforms and architected with security as a priority.


Our telemetry solution operates at a lower monthly per-unit cost than any other systems available.


Metova’s solutions enable customers to locate equipment spread out across a large region in the US on a Google or a custom map.


Save time finding physical assets on campuses or customer locations, providing tremendous cost savings.

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We work within Microsoft and Amazon ecosystems to provide unparalleled technological support for your project