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Metova is your trusted strategic technology partner, here to help your organization navigate the rapidly changing digital financial services landscape. From enabling and expanding mobile banking for your customers to managing all of your back-end services and third party connections, we’ll help you define point A and point B and then work with you to get you there so that you can continue to grow your business within this transforming market.

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“We’ve been working to solve a very real consumer problem leveraging technology in the finance world and selected Metova to help us develop this innovation after they provided a very thorough review of our existing technology. We’re excited to see what 2020 brings as we deliver these solutions to market with Metova serving as our strategic technology partner.”

Bambu, President

My Bambu

Banks and non-bank lenders are modernizing their operations with cloud-based commercial solutions. Why? Because according to Statista 57 million Americans utilize mobile banking.

That is roughly 17% of the American population, and that number is expected to rise as teenagers and young adults start opening bank accounts. In this digitally driven era, these new account holders are accustomed to having knowledge at their fingertips. So why should they expect anything less when it comes to their finances?


“Security is going to rely more on Machine Learning and AI, as well as more data points coming from the bank’s users.”

Old vs New

The telemetry solution operates at a lower monthly per unit cost than any other in the market.


“A lot of challenges banks will face center around the fact that less interaction is happening in person, and more is happening online – even the opening of an account.”

What’s FinTech?

“It’s all of the new ways that finance-related businesses are updating to embrace new technology, and it’s all of the not-previously-possible financial automation tools that are coming into being.”

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