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Research & Strategy.

Disrupt Yourself

The first pillar of your digital transformation is to stop waiting, and take command of your organization’s digital future.

Be The Leader

Take a proactive approach, starting with top-down leadership. Take a step back and craft a digital strategy, vision and culture.

Strategy First, Then Technology

Technology is a tool —one that can be leveraged to streamline workflows and operations, internal communication and be part of an enhanced customer experience.

Re-Create Customer Experience

Digital transformation requires you to look at your entire organization, including your internal processes and back-end, to ensure they are aligned with the customer experience.

Start Small, Innovate Big

Start small, get moving today, build your digital culture and vision – and then innovate big.

Choose Metova

“We’ve been working to solve a very real consumer problem leveraging technology in the finance world and selected Metova to help us develop this innovation after they provided a very thorough review of our existing technology. We’re excited to see what 2020 brings as we deliver these solutions to market with Metova serving as our strategic technology partner.”

Bambu, President

My Bambu

We can assess what you already have and are your strategic partner. Whether addressing your technology needs now, or helping to align your team with your customers or creating a better plan for the future, Metova is there for you.


Tech Assessment.

What is it?

“A Technology Assessment is our process for reviewing a company’s entire technological architecture.”


“Technology changes very quickly though, and what may have been best practice years ago may no longer be the case.”


“Technology is a tool. The challenge is really getting to know the team and their own unique problems – and then working with a company to come up with an action plan.”


“There’s been a number of times, either in a research and strategy session or a tech assessment, where we discover that the client’s goals can’t be met with their current solution.“

Common Issues

“We’ve found the most technical issues occurring around the technologies running on servers – that’s usually where your largest security issues and scalability issues will be.”

Want to talk with a Metova specialist?

Is your current tech solution not working – or you’re not sure if it is or not? Maybe you have an idea and are ready to “go”? Metova is here to help. Within your first session with our team, we’ll help map out your road to digital transformation. Drop your contact info here, and our nextgen specialist will contact you!


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