Advances in Risk Simulation

Sometimes experience is needed for situations where it’s not feasible to gain it in real-life. In these cases where safety, cost, and risk are too high, simulations, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are picking up the slack. While risk simulations have been around for years, the technology has not gone stagnant.

Recently, an artificially intelligent fighter pilot, “ALPHA”, was created that has been very difficult to beat.  When challenged by retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Gene “Geno” Lee, the artificial intelligence was able to both evade him and shoot him down. While it is an intimidating thought that an A.I. program could beat an experienced fighter pilot, people learn from being challenged. The simulations and ALPHA will allow pilots to face new challenges and learn from them. Most importantly, being able to experience such life-threatening conflict in a risk simulation keeps our soldiers safe while still giving them valuable experience.

Risk simulations go beyond training for combat against enemy fighters.  Cyber security professionals also use risk simulations to train against network invaders. At the start of the year, Metova acquired Camber Corporation’s Cyber Operations Enhanced Network and Training Simulator (CENTS®) and SLAM-R® Cyber Range technology. These tools also allow users to test procedures and personnel efficiency.  Their Myrmidon Attack Framework was granted a patent in bot-based attacks, attribution to virtual users on the network, event and scenario creation and storing, automatic execution.

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Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike