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Benefits & Insurance | Tax & Compliance | Office Space & Equipment | Expenses & Travel
About our PEO and EoR Services in Mexico

Hire in Latin America without risk or compliance burdens.

Your PEO/EoR Partner in Latin America

Like all developed countries, Latin America countries have a rigid regulatory system including tax, banking, commerce, employment and labor laws designed to protect their economy and workforce.

When hiring employees from Latin America, foreign entities must choose between creating a formal reporting subsidiary corporation in each country or partnering with a local PEO (Professional Employer Organization) that performs all of these necessary compliance functions as the locally reporting EoR (Employer of Record).

How Process Works

Onboarding is just the beginning. Our team takes care of your team.​

Local Payroll and HR

While you maintain management of your entire team, our local team handles all of the in-country HR functions and compliance duties to provide a full-service, seamless expansion experience as the employer of record in Latin America.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Your employees leverage the scale of our larger employer group. And everyone gets the same competitive and comprehensive benefits plan that includes health insurance, paid holidays and vacations, savings plans, and more.

Swag, Travel Coordination, and Expense Reimbursement

Our local HR team also ensures that your team receives all of the same necessary services and perks they would receive at your U.S. headquarters. We might even treat them better.

Employment Contracts

Technically, each of your employees contracts with our legal entity in Mexico:

Avenida De Las Americas 1254
Country Club
Guadalajara, Jalisco 44610

Office Space and Equipment

Though not required, we recommend that our partners let us establish office space on their behalf. Even if employees are allowed to work from home, there are many advantages to scheduling regular office gatherings. Besides the obvious—and having a base for recruiting—employees in Mexico take personal pride and job security from having a formal location in the city to land and reference with friends and family.

Payroll and Reporting

Our legal entity in Mexico also electronically processes payroll every two weeks after making all the necessary calculations, contributions, and deductions—and associated tax payments. Our U.S. entity sends you a single consolidated invoice with transparent disclosures of all line items. We mark nothing up. You will see exactly what was paid and what was withheld—with a separate line item for our fixed monthly fee per employee.

We love technology and the people that create it.

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Central Standard is a technical talent and recruiting agency that specializes in helping U.S. businesses assemble and retain high-performance software development teams in the central time zone that is Mexico.

We are not a development shop – i.e., we do not take on projects or attempt to arbitrage labor. Rather, we help a select group of partners screen and interview technical talent to bring onboard as their own permanent employees.

Operating at the epicenter of the Mexican Silicon Valley, our unique focus and commitment to the region and its abundant supply of world-class engineers sets us apart. We love technology, and are experts at identifying and screening for smart, fluent, ambitious talent across all disciplines. But our love for the people that create the technology propels our mission: to curate the opportunities that allow our clients to achieve their loftiest career goals and ambitions.

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