We efficiently identify the technical talent that is prepared to meet the opportunities you have created.

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Our customer-obsessed methodology ensures that you get the right team, focused on defining and delivering the right experience – for both you and your customers.

Our Talent Services

Optimize workforce management and drive organizational success with our comprehensive talent solutions. From talent acquisition and employee engagement to workforce planning and PEO services, our tailored offerings help you choose solutions (e.g., insourcing, outsourcing, nearshoring) that cost-effectively build and maintain high performance.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Attracting and hiring top talent to fulfill your business needs and align with your organizational culture across diverse regions.

Workforce Planning & Management

Developing effective workforce strategies that are in line with your organization’s objectives, promoting productivity and efficiency.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Implementing initiatives that boost employee satisfaction, encourage loyalty, and minimize turnover.

PEO Services

Collaborating with your organization to manage HR functions such as payroll, benefits administration, risk management, and compliance.

Unique Approach

While tangible skills and experience can be measured, tested, and developed over time, we subscribe to the philosophy that you can’t teach passion. In other words, hidden within the metadata of what can appear to be a very average profile could be the brightest, hardest working, and most committed employee you’ve ever hired—capable of quickly mastering any role or tackling any challenge encountered by your team.

This is the philosophy that drives our technical recruiters as they spend countless hours getting to know the software engineers in Latin America that pass our initial screenings and technical interviews and demonstrate the talent required to become a Metova Strategies client.

Recruiting Software Engineers
in Latin America

QA Automation
DevOps + Cloud
Data + Analytics

Integrated Extension of Your Team

Our local recruiters in Latin America have the reputation, experience, tools, and processes in place to identify and screen for the required skills and experience you need.

Our Senior Recruiters take each qualifying candidate through a series of technical interviews and tests to ensure you are receiving both a skillset and organizational fit.

When you partner with us you will also have a dedicated relationship manager. They will help guide you in every step of the process and assist your team well past the final decision on whether to hire candidate or not.

Our ongoing commitment to you is to grow our understanding of your business, people, and culture. This will create a natural refining of processes ensuring the best output possible for many years to come. Our goal is not only to be fast and efficient but most importantly effective; allowing you to do what you do best.

Ten Key Benefits
of our Talent Services

1.  Identifying candidates in Latin America that have the skills and experience to match your job profile.

2. Interviewing and screening potential candidates for fluency, cultural fit, desired career path, and availability.

3. Performing follow-up technical interviews with the candidates we think are the best match.

4. Recommending the best candidate for you – the one we think your team should interview and hire.

5. Helping both sides negotiate the compensation package, offer, and acceptance.

6. Handling the local onboarding processes and contract packages to ensure a smooth and fast start.

7.  Adding your new employee to our comprehensive healthcare and benefits packages.

8.  Providing ongoing local HR support such as equipment, office space, travel, expense reimbursements, etc.

9.  Processing payroll and making all of the tax and benefit payments and filings required each month specific to each Latin American country.

10. Sending you a single invoice each month from our U.S. entity with a separate line item for our monthly fee


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