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Metova has applied ISO 26000 as a framework to implement social responsibility into our values and practices. 


Giving is a natural
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Through our global volunteer programs, Metova employees generously donate hours to support local communities. Metova through MetoValue encourages employees to become involved in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the quality of life within these communities.
The following guidelines are for Metova‘s employees who serve as volunteers in non-profit community programs that are either of personal interest or are internal-sponsored initiatives. Metova has applied ISO 26000 as a framework to implement social responsibility into our values and practices.

Making tech for good:
Syrian task force project

One of the purposes is to give back to society in any way we can

One of those in need with was the Syrian Emergency Task Force team (SETF).


The SETF advocates in solidarity with the Syrian people to inform and educate the American public and its representatives about their suffering, while addressing the colossal humanitarian crisis and promoting the development of the Syrian civil society based on respect from human dignity and freedom.

The project that they had in mind was to have a mobile application that could provide awareness through push notifications to the public on all the attacks that the people from Syria suffer day to day as well as a platform for the SETF to broadcast such notifications. This is where we as Metova provided aid.

Having the basic requirements from the SETF team we proceeded to design and develop an app that would match such requirements adding our own expertise and knowledge in order to create a modern and user friendly app for both the public and the SETF team.


They are
not alone...

The Syrian Watch app receives notifications as soon as the SETF team creates them. Once the users enter the app, they can see a list of all the previous notifications as well as a detailed description which as: the attack type, severity, description and location. The users have also the capability to share such data with the people they know.

On the other hand the app provides a SETF team only feature which is to create notifications in a quick and easy way as well the ability to delete them. To access this feature a special account is needed.

We hope that with this application people from around the world can at least have an idea on what reality the people from Syria live day to day and share it with the people they know.

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