10 11, 2020

Q&A: the Tech-supported ‘New Normal’ For Hotels, Resorts and Casinos Amid COVID-19

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The Tech-supported, Contactless ‘New Normal’ For Hotels, Resorts and Casinos Amid COVID-19 A Q&A with a senior hotel operations leader of one of Las Vegas’ leading hotels on COVID-19’s effect on the hospitality industry According to a recent survey of 1000 people who have visited a hotel, casino, or resort in the past 2 years, [...]

8 09, 2020

Syria Watch App: a Q&A with Mouaz Moustafa of the Syrian Emergency Task Force

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Mouaz Moustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force answers questions about the Syria Watch mobile app. Built as a volunteer effort by Metova, Syria Watch provides real-time notifications, detail and location of attacks launched in Syria, helping people outside of Syria understand the ongoing danger people in Syria experience daily – while giving [...]

19 08, 2020

Telemedicine: a Q&A with Dr. Darren Sommer

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As part of Metova’s ongoing research into the technology and trends that are shaping our world, we sat down with Dr. Darren Sommer, founder and CEO at Innovator Health, to learn about Telemedicine, and ask his opinion on findings from Metova’s August 2020 consumer survey on Telemedicine.   What is telemedicine? Telemedicine is the use [...]

29 04, 2020

Remote Work and COVID-19: a Q&A with Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees and companies across the world are scrambling to adapt to the new reality of working from home. To learn more about some of the technological and security issues around this, we spoke with Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart.   Is working from home less secure than working in-office? For most [...]

26 03, 2020
  • IIoT

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things): a Q&A with Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart

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Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart answers questions about Metova’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementation helping Herc-U-Lift save time and money - while simplifying processes.   What issues did Herc-U-Lift seek to solve through IIoT? Herc-U-Lift rents out equipment from over 12 manufacturers used for business-critical applications – from oil fields to construction to warehousing. Currently, [...]

24 02, 2020

FinTech: a Q&A with Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart

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What exactly is FinTech? Is it secure, is it for “big banks” only and how does an institution integrate and connect it with their existing systems? We sat down with Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart to learn all about the ins and outs of Financial Technology, or FinTech.   What is FinTech? FinTech is just an abbreviation [...]

18 12, 2019

Tech Assessment and Code Analysis – a Q&A with Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart

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We sat down with Metova’s CTO Andrew Cowart to understand the ins and outs of tech assessment and why it’s important for companies to know where their technology stands.   What is a Technology Assessment? A Technology Assessment is our process for reviewing a company’s entire technological architecture.  We try to tailor it based on [...]

18 04, 2019

Metova Developer Spotlight – Karen Fletcher

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Think Knitting and Coding Are Different Worlds? Think Again. In addition to teaching at Coding Events and volunteering in the tech community, Metova developer Karen Fletcher as also a talented knitter. We sat down with her to learn about this, ask about parallels between coding and knitting and more.   OK, let’s get right down [...]

10 04, 2019

Q&A: Mobile App Design

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What’s the difference between UI and UX design?  What the heck is a wireframe and more? We sat down with Metova designers Lorenzo Garnett and Manuel Velazquez to learn about the work of a mobile app designer.   What is the difference between UI and UX? Garnett: The simplest way to put it is UI [...]