Metova Culture

We are an international group of passionate and talented technologists, developers, marketing experts, extraordinary designers and more.

our mission

Improve lives through technology

At Metova – we’re always curious and we have a long history of staying on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. It’s our job, and our passion to employ tech to solve problems, improve business and make a customer’s life better.

Our focus on innovation is the key to maintaining a leadership position in all the markets in which we operate. And it is also the basis for improving the lives of thousands of people.


Our vision

Metova provides technology solutions that exceed expectations

Our unique Boutique+Scale business promotes a culture of teamwork, creativity and personal development that attracts leading engineering, strategy and design talent.

Our clients benefit from the best of both worlds when it comes to getting the innovation they need to get it done right, to get it done quickly – and at the highest quality.


Human Resources Vision

At Metova, our employees are our future.

That’s why Human Resources is committed to maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction, experience and opportunity, providing leadership in shaping an equitable and inclusive workplace that drives diversity, excellence and innovation.

We believe in Talent

Since our inception, Metova has invested in our employees. We believe in hiring a diverse range of individuals who bring unique skills, work, life experience and passion to our workplace.

That’s why we are continually working for our team. We strive to employ people with exceptional talents, who want to make a real contribution to the success of a company, and who are passionate about producing amazing results for our clients.


Talent Management

Organizational Learning and Onboarding

Metova’s training program offers numerous courses, both face-to-face and online, in personal and professional development.


Performance Evaluation

At Metova we maintain a transparent process on performance evaluations to provide employees with new opportunities to grow in the company while developing strategies to grow the business. 

Our Development Performance Review helps achieve our annual company goals. From leadership to managers, to employees, we analyze and value how all  Metovians contribute to company goals. We strive to foster a work environment committed to continuous improvement and overall success.

This process was integrated as a part of the Human Resources strategy with the support of the leaders in the company to guarantee equality and transparency.

We integrate our young talent into the performance evaluation processes to guide and support them after College/University and as they become part of the full time team.

Our leaders from each area are in constant communication with each team member to help them grow professionally and personally – for their success and development in the company.


Team Social Events

At Metova a bit of relaxation and having fun are an essential part of doing extraordinary work. That’s why we have team social events to give our employees the opportunity to let off some steam, build relationships, bat around creative ideas, and build our company culture.


Talent Acquisition

We recognize in our team the commitment and engagement every day for the success of Metova. For this reason, we maintain our commitment to provide a working environment inclusive and of quality, with a strong impulse to the maintenance and constant promotion of its growth and development, to achieve their professional and personal goals.

We work day by day to have a greater presence and commitment to the people of the places where we operate to increase job opportunities in the technology segment and maximize Metova as a #Best Place to Dev. For this reason, we make sure to hire the best talent in the countries where we have a presence, focusing on the skills and the potential from our collaborators to help them to grow.

Our daily commitment is to care and empower the best talent in our company. Our Talent Retention Strategy encourages an Increased commitment and development of our team , based on their quality of professional and personal life. Another part of our strategy is to promote an inclusive environment for all of our employees.

Employee retention is a high priority for all members of the Metova leadership team. The process begins with requirements gathering for each position we post, the interview process, mentor identification and the new hire and onboarding processes. The Technical Platform Leads and senior leadership define the scope of work and project assignments so that new employees feel part of a team immediately. Employees learn about the objective setting and review process early in their onboarding experience. They also learn about career progression, skill advancement and cross training. Metova utilizes a client services approach for employee engagement which provides employees with the opportunity to utilize their existing skill set and gain exposure to new roles through customer project engagement.

Employees are encouraged to utilize a variety of communication tools to stay engaged with their teammates, role specific interests, local community and volunteer opportunities, company announcements and customer specific channels. Metova employees also have a great sense of humor so taking a few minutes to follow some of the more informal channels is always worth the time.

Metova employees are really pretty amazing. They are creative problem solvers and work together to resolve customer issues to ensure success. Metova established two critical roles, Client Success Leads and Platform Technical Leads, to ensure that every project has an advocate for the client, an advocate for the project’s technical success. Metova has utilized this system to deliver projects on or under expected timeframes, within the client’s budget.


Diversity and Inclusion

All of Metova’s highly skilled employees bring distinct insights based on their combination of gender, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, abilities, sexual orientation, education, and upbringing. At Metova, these various perspectives are a powerful asset. 

Diversity of thought, experience and personal identity improves our company’s innovation, agility, performance and engagement. This principle drives our efforts to have all our people feel safe and confident being their full selves at work while also advocating for inclusion outside our company.

Diversity breeds differences and differences of opinion breed a better and more innovative business culture. Metova is committed to fair and equal treatment of employees and applicants. We recruit, hire, promote, transfer and provide opportunities for advancement on the basis of individual qualifications and job performance. In all matters affecting employment, compensation, benefits, working conditions, opportunities for advancement and layoffs, we will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, creed, national origin, citizenship status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, or status as a covered veteran.

Diversity in the workforce ensures the celebration and recognition of the uniqueness of each individual employee. It is this uniqueness that strengthens the daily dialog, the generation of ideas and problem solving and collectively the business culture.


University Associations

In Mexico we work with The University of Guadalajara, ranked first place in education by the QS World University 2020 Rankings. As our partner, The University of Guadalajara (CUCEI campus) is working with us to keep driving technology interest between their students and Metova.

We offer training programs to students in technology and development in different programming languages. The students who have the potential, greatest skills, and interest to learn are offered the opportunity to be a part of our team as apprentices or interns.

Our relationships include campus recruiting, advisory and committee participation, curriculum design and instruction, faculty and student recruitment and partnerships with student clubs and organizations. We also have established relationships with the Arkansas Code Academy, the Nashville Code School, Arkansas Apprenticeship Program and the Arkansas Fellowship Program.

Many students start their career at Metova as Interns or Co-op students, and make the transition to a full-time role over time. Over the past several years, numerous Metova Interns have been hired to full time salaried positions.


Metova’s Internship Program

Our internship program provides an opportunity for college students to be part of a competitive international technical organization. Our interns enter the company in a variety of roles including Android and IOS Developer, .Net Developer, DevOps, UI Developer, and QA Test Engineer. During this program, students benefit from mentoring, performance management, and access to our top-rated training from our best people in Metova. Metova leaders support both internship and Cooperative Education course credit with partnering universities. At the end of the program, exceptional developers are offered a full-time position.





Private Medical Insurance, Retirement investing with company matching, Ergonomic workstations, Flex-time, Volunteer programs, Annual events for recreation, Paid time off are just some of the benefits and perks of working with us.



We offer a diverse and inclusive environment, World-class facilities, Integration events, Recreational spaces and much more.


Professional Development

At Metova, we offer, paid training, International interchange, opportunities to hold internal or external conferences, a powerful development process, career path guidance and a comprehensive onboarding process.


Benefits and Perks

We offer a competitive benefits package and salaries according as well as prizes for office challenges and milestones.

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At Metova we thrive in using the latest technology, thoughtful design and a truly informed strategy to help companies rise above the competition, please their customers and succeed.  Interested in working with us? We’d love to hear from you!