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Like software, the best careers are developed by design

Digital has changed the way we work. It has also changed the way U.S. businesses think about work—especially where that work is carried out.

If you are a smart, fluent, and talented, then you know your software development skills are in high demand. But your interests and career goals are likely as diverse as the products you have built and the technologies and industries you’ve had to learn along the way.

Careers Planned Questions.

Have you ever dreamed of joining a disruptive SaaS startup in San Francisco? Maybe you’ve got family in Chicago and would love to find a digital agency with a diverse roster of marquee clients? Or, maybe you are ready to change industries and want to parlay a personal passion for investing into a career with a firm on Wall Street or a fintech startup in Boulder or Austin?

Whether you want to bet on an emerging field like AI or cryptocurrencies—or just ready to prove yourself on a new platform or technology stack—we can help you create a plan.

Opportunities Curated Questions.

We believe in reaching beyond your key work experience and current technical skills, to fully appreciate your professional and personal interests, needs, and goals—so we can identify opportunities that truly fit, and help propel your career to the next level.

We love technology and the people that create it.

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Central Standard is a technical talent and recruiting agency that specializes in helping U.S. businesses assemble and retain high-performance software development teams in the central time zone that is Mexico.

We are not a development shop – i.e., we do not take on projects or attempt to arbitrage labor. Rather, we help a select group of partners screen and interview technical talent to bring onboard as their own permanent employees.

Operating at the epicenter of the Mexican Silicon Valley, our unique focus and commitment to the region and its abundant supply of world-class engineers sets us apart. We love technology, and are experts at identifying and screening for smart, fluent, ambitious talent across all disciplines. But our love for the people that create the technology propels our mission: to curate the opportunities that allow our clients to achieve their loftiest career goals and ambitions.

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