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Metova Solution

Metova Solution

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TNAA is a healthcare staffing agency

That places travel nurses on assignments in all 50 states. Provides a much-needed service to hospitals that may be understaffed or need to fill vacancies.


Transparency, and best customer service.

Provide the best service and experience, one that their employees needed to update their digital offerings including their website and mobile apps.


A completely new external marketing site

That employed technologies’ latest best practices, it needed to foster a shift in how TNAA engaged its users.


“TNAA-focused” rather than “User-focused.”

Help to make a leap and transform how they conducted business via the web as well as mobile.


Research &

Metova conducted interviews with TNAA nurses and ambassadors, as well as all of the executive stakeholders to ensure there was a clear understanding of not only what the business needs were, but ensuring that everyone’s needs could be addressed across all touchpoints.

Metova also set up technical checkpoints to find out where users were engaging and view bounce rates, providing important feedback on how to restructure the website to promote engagement and ensure nurses are moving through the funnel with the goal of increasing conversion rates.


Experience &
Look Design

The design also needed to convey TNAA’s image as a respected, trusted staffing solution. To accomplish this Metova coordinated a complete rebranding effort that impacted their entire business and technology.
This effort included mapping out user action flows, primary and secondary UX flows, and content architecture diagrams as well as documents that drove the website wireframes.

Metova organized and communicated outcomes of TNAA’s segmentation study, which led the design effort and provided the information needed for a final branding guidelines document.


into the mobile apps

TNAA also had a goal to be a market leader in their business vertical by venturing into the mobile application space – where their competitors didn’t yet exist.


Worked to build a proof of concept mobile application to assist with referrals by their nurse ambassadors, to be used as a foundation for functional expansion and integrate ongoing web activities to solve their nurse’s most pressing concerns in the field while increasing efficiency with their recruiters and support staff.

Relying on legacy technology as the backbone of their operations. The challenge was how to build and improve its user-facing web presence without disrupting internal operations. All while integrating with challenging infrastructure.

To solve these challenges, implemented data-driven design and development, clearing hurdles along the way until launch. Launched the website with positive feedback from the stakeholders, TNAA employees, and nurses.



TNAA desired a domain move from Nurse.TV to, technical SEO expertise was critical. Organic search is a large contributor to TNAA’s digital success and moving domains, if done improperly, can be devastating. Metova’s team of experts successfully navigated this precarious transition such that TNAA not only didn’t lose organic traffic nor domain strength but has since the transition consistently improved in rankings. The organic search traffic to the site is up.


Metova also took over SEM for TNAA and has since optimized all ad strategies bringing down the CPC (cost per click) while increasing volume with relevant traffic. Conversions via both SEO and SEM are up 100%+.

A Complete Solution

Metova’s approach to helping our partners follows our core phases of engagement:

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