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We Strive For Excellence

Metova only hires those who share our core values. We want self-motivated, disciplined people who do what needs to be done instead of waiting to be told what to do. Your manager exists to give you what you need, not to micromanage or make decisions for you. If you are not responsible enough to take care of your own work, you will not work here.

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We Strive for Excellence

You Deserve An Excellent Team

People describe you as intense, and you take that as a compliment. You require excellence. You expect your co-workers to make wise decisions, to be curious, to be courageous. You seek what is best for your team, whether that means discarding your ideas when presented with better ones, or abandoning your own work to sit next to a team member for an hour because you know she’d do the same for you. You are candid, and you listen well. You have great ideas and you drive them to implementation.

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