Update: Mobile Voting, Blockchain and Biometrics

When we surveyed 1,000 US voters to get their feelings on using a smartphone to vote – and how that capability would have affected their voting habits, we discovered that 67 percent of the people who did not vote in the presidential election would have voted if they could have done so on their smartphone.

Since then, and in part accelerated by the global pandemic – along with technology support from blockchain and biometrics, mobile voting has continued on a path to becoming a reality.

We’re seeing blockchain and biometrics as key technologies to enable safe and secure mobile voting. A new offering utilizing both technologies by Voatz was used in 23 elections  serving 1.8 million voters during 2020.

To add, many counties are allowing citizens to vote via mobile app, such as in King county, Washington.

Lastly, developed out of necessary due to COVID-19, people in Utah are now able to get legally married online via Zoom.