6 ways Mobile Self Service is Changing the World

Whether it’s ordering food, arranging lawn care or auditioning eyewear, a growing number of industries are using technology to jump ahead of the competition to provide a better consumer experience, while reducing ‘friction’ for customers. Here are some interesting examples:


  1. Lawn Care – a great example is TruGreen’s App which allows customers to manage their lawn’s needs on the go, anytime anywhere. The app allows customers to access, update, and provide feedback on services all in one convenient place – no phone calls needed. Service notifications keep customers informed on progress and ETA on the day of service.
  2. Ordering food: Order your favorite pizza online… customize it to your heart’s desire, save your favorites and even see how close the delivery driver is from your home.
  3. Finding the right color: Need to match just the right tone of red paint, want your trim to match the rug? Take a picture on your smartphone using apps available by major paint manufacturers and they’ll provide you with just the right tone.
  4. Getting Help: Need to get in touch with your local police to ask a questions, or file a report? There are apps for that.
  5. A virtual changing room: Looking for glasses that fit your face… or a flattering shirt? Many apps now employ AR (augmented reality) to allow customers to ‘try on’ fashions, and then order… all from a smartphone.
  6. Car Maintenance: No need to pick up the phone and wait on hold to schedule a oil change, and, even better, receive “time to get your oil changed’ notifications and, find locations and organize your vehicle’s records, all in one handy app.