Skylar Fisher

Skylar Fisher
Posted by Skylar Fisher
January 8, 2018

Why Your Development Project Needs a QA Team

Think back to a time when you wrote a very important paper for a college class. You've put all the finishing touches on it, and read through it. Everything looks great! Just to be safe, you ask your roommate, Steve, to proofread your work. Lo and behold, Steve finds some big errors in your paper. Not only have you misspelled (multiple) words, you also put a citation in the wrong place, didn’t space correctly on a quoted paragraph, repeated yourself somewhere on page six, and changed the verb tense somewhere along the way. “Thank goodness for that second pair of eyes,” you think to yourself. Steve just brought your paper from a C+ to an A-. When you work on something intently for a long span of time, it can be easy to miss things that would otherwise stand out. The same thing can happen during development. This is why it’s important to have a software quality assurance (QA) team to back your developers. Not only will quality assurance ensure that a website or application works, the QA team also finds new scenarios where the application could be improved.

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