Design Inspiration for Facing a Creative Block

We’ve all been there-  the point where we can’t think of anything new and our usually creative minds stutter. It can be frustrating and even stressful when it’s a part of your job. Take a breath and relax. There are several things you can do to jumpstart your design imagination and find inspiration.

Go Explore

Sometimes seeing what others are doing will jolt that creative process and give you some fresh ideas on how to approach the problem you are trying to solve. With so many design platforms out there, you are bound to find something that will cause a spark! Here are our favorite places to find design inspiration.

Take Some Classes Online

Sometimes taking a class that deals with something you’re working on can help you think of a new way to approach your creative block. Check out classes on Skillshare, there are lessons on anything and everything creative. Doing a class and hearing about how others approach design or your skill set can be really inspirational and really help get you get past that mental block.

Watch Videos

There are plenty of design shows and documentaries to be found on Netflix. I recently watched an episode of Abstract with Paula Scher, one of the most influential designers of our time, and it was inspiring how she approached things and just to hear her story.

Take a Break

Take your mind off of your work for a bit. Go to the park, go for a work out, take a walk downtown, go to the library, or grab a drink with your friends or team. Relax. Your brain will subconsciously continue working, and when your break is done you may be surprised at how inspired you feel.

Getting stuck happens to all of us. And it is pretty normal for it to happen often; it’s what we do with that time while are stuck that can make us improve. Hitting a mental block doesn’t have to end up being a waste of time or cause stress. Try some of these things, get past that block, and create something awesome. Then share it with us!

Trent Nicholson
Trent Nicholson