Folding Phones. For the Win… or Garbage Bin?

At Metova, we’re forever curious about emerging trends and technology. So we’re surveying our cutting-edge, tech savvy crew of developers on the latest trends and tech offerings. The developer surveys are all anonymous – allowing respondents to freely express their love, or disdain for the subject at hand.

Lately folding phones have made their first appearance in mainstream media and we wondered….what’s the deal?  We asked Metova developers for their thoughts.

– Overall, roughly two-thirds have no desire to own a folding phone selecting “Why would I ever want this‽”

– One-third are open to this novel form factor selecting “I need this!”

– Most of those who do not want one simply feel the technology is not yet ready for prime time

– Others feel a folding phone is just too bulky to fit in a pocket or conveniently take on-the-go


A sampling of our (anonymous) comments from the survey:

“I don’t need one right now though – the technology just isn’t there yet. As we’ve seen with Samsung already recalling models. But if the tech does improve and the price drops, I’d be all over it.”

“The technology isn’t very refined yet, but I think it’ll become the standard much like full touch-displays replaced physical keyboards.”

“I get that they are trying to bridge the gap between tablets and phones, but they serve two purposes. Plus OLED screens are supper picky and fragile. That’s just asking for trouble.”

“If it wasn’t too bulky to keep in my pocket (I’m a guy who’s phone goes in my pocket and already seems too large) maybe I could see use in a folding phone if it made productivity tasks like email, Slack, work tools, etc. easier to do with the larger screen.”

In summary, according to Metova developers, folding phones appear to be ‘Garbage Bin’ – at least for now.