Improving Productivity With the IoT


The internet of things (IoT) is one of today’s most exciting tech developments for its sheer size and speed of expansion. By working its way into various aspects of our personal, home and work lives, the IoT has immense potential to improve the productivity of businesses and individuals alike. In its simplest form, the IoT is a network of billions of physical and digital devices around the world that are all connected to the internet, which enables them to collect and share data. If you’re looking for ways to improve your productivity, the answer lies in the IoT. To prove it, here’s an example of an ideal IoT-powered day.


Connected home

Mornings are tough on all of us, but waking up to an IoT-powered routine can start your day off on the right foot and set you up for maximum efficiency. The idea of the “connected home” involves incorporating the IoT into your daily devices. Automating your thermostat to adjust to your preferred temperature as the bedroom lights gradually brighten to wake you up presents a more pleasant morning environment.

Intelligent assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home grow in understanding by constantly learning from your habits and device usage to best help you prepare for the day ahead. Recapping any recent news stories and reading off a rundown of your calendar appointments while you head downstairs to a prepared cup of coffee and an update on traffic — you’re good to go! Implementing the IoT into your morning routine can provide notable benefits such as getting you out the door in a timely manner and putting you in the right mindset for the day ahead.


Smart office

In an effort to keep up with the times, companies are incorporating an increasing amount of technology into their offices. As more workspaces equip themselves with IoT devices, the phrase “smart office” has begun to gain prominence. Utilizing the IoT in business can provide numerous benefits, all contributing to a more efficient and productive workforce. Streamlining routine tasks, increasing security and improving the comfort level of your workspace all play a role in increasing output.  

People are what make a business work. If your employees are set up for success, your business will find success as well, and the IoT can assist with that. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, companies have already begun to see the benefits of IoT-based initiatives, with 58 percent of respondents saying they have seen increased collaboration within the business. This is achieved through technology tools that streamline and automate daily tasks, allowing employees to focus on more pressing and complicated assignments. The IoT also enables companies with remote employees to create a fully connected and engaged environment no matter where the members of their workforce are located. Plus, as Netsuite CEO Mark Hurd has said, “Engagement drives productivity.” This further exemplifies the importance of utilizing the IoT in all areas of the workplace, including:

– A comfortable environment
Effortlessly controlling the temperature, humidity and lighting in an office directly from a personal device enables employees to tailor the office to their preferences.

– Improved collaboration
IoT-enabled meeting rooms and smart scheduling systems provide assistance in helping employees make the most of their time and improve space management and coordination.
– Smarter seating
IoT-powered desks provide the ideal workstation for individual employees. With the ability to learn personal preferences and adjust accordingly, smart desks ensure employees are set up for optimal comfort and productivity.

Streamlined management

Implementing the IoT into an office space can simplify office flow while simultaneously improving it. Floor plans can be optimized based on traffic, providing easier access to conference rooms and other crucial resources, resulting in fewer distractions and a more productive environment.

Inventory management teams can also benefit from IoT tools in relation to asset tracking. Utilizing IoT beacons on inventory can provide managers with real-time access to the exact location and projected delivery status of an asset. This hereby improves productivity by solving the question of “where is X?” and enabling staff to stay on task.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul entire processes or just to get familiar with intelligent assistants, the IoT has beneficial tools for everyone. Be it in your personal life or your career, optimizing your productivity is essential for success.  


Guest post by Maddie Davis at Enlightened-Digital