Metova Developer Survey: Commercial Space Flight… You Going?

At Metova, we’re forever curious about emerging trends and technology. So we survey our cutting-edge, tech savvy crew of developers on the latest trends and tech offerings. The developer surveys are all anonymous – allowing respondents to freely express their opinion on the subject at hand.

Lately commercial space flight has been in the news with Amazon’s Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX making leaps towards a goal of normalizing space flight. In light of this, we asked Metova developers: “SpaceX announced the first commercial mission of its spacecraft, Starship, to take place in 2021. If you had the chance, would you want to be on the first mission? ”

– Overall, it’s a near even split with 53% choosing “Heck Yes!” and 43% choosing “No Way!”

– We asked Metova developers if they could bring one “non-essential” item, what would it be?” Popular answers included cameras, pictures of family,  with some wanting to bring their dog, lipstick, video game systems and even an e-reader.

One very well done (anonymous) comment from the survey:

SpaceX has been very active in practical testing of Starship prototypes. These tests have been out in the open and well observed in their successes and in their failures. I feel very comfortable with the progress they’ve made. SpaceX has already demonstrated their ability to fly a crew capsule to ISS and back, with the Dragon 2 demo mission. The schedule for delivering actual astronauts to ISS has been sliding to the right, as is typical of every space program since Apollo. I don’t expect people will fly on Starship in 2021. According to the company, there are going to be many cargo flights before people are put on board. So by the time people are riding, I will have had a chance to watch this rocket grow from a prototype engine on the test stand, to a grown up, fully reusable orbital craft. I’ll be ready.”