Self-Driving Cars and Autopilot: “Ready”… or “No Way!”

At Metova, we’re forever curious about emerging trends and technology. So we survey our cutting-edge, tech savvy crew of developers on the latest trends and tech offerings. The developer surveys are all anonymous – allowing respondents to freely express their opinion on the subject at hand.

Lately self-driving cars have been in the news, for both positive and some worrying reasons – and we wondered….what’s the deal?  We asked Metova developers: “Would you feel relaxed using a self-driving car in autopilot mode?”

– Overall, it’s a near even split with 53% choosing “Sure – I trust It” and 47% percent choosing “Nope – No Way”

– A large majority of respondents feel that while they may trust autopilot, that there are still certain unique driving hazards and situations that warrant a human at the wheel.

– Others feel the technology just “isn’t there….yet.”


A sampling of the (anonymous) comments from the survey:

“Yes. I have one :)”

“It trying to drive while I’m glancing at my phone >> Me trying to drive while I’m glancing at my phone”

“There are also all sorts of conditions that a self-driving car can encounter that you can’t quite expect beforehand, but the self-driving car has to be able to handle – issues that make navigating a neighborhood at a low speed a harder problem than highway speeds. For example, one of Google’s autonomous cars encountered a woman in an electric wheelchair chasing ducks with a broom. You also have a computer not a human making moral decisions – a self-driving car knows how long it takes to stop with precision so if the self-driving car has a choice to strike a single person or a group of 5, effectively we are programming self-driving cars to make a kill decision.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust the car to stay on the right path. I’m more worried about how the car reacts to the horrible drivers here in Dallas”

“Not every situation can be taken into account. Plus, I like to drive why would I want the system to do it for me.”