Startup Crawl hits Metova Fayetteville: Beer and Tech Unite!

Recently our Fayetteville, AR, office participated in Startup Junkie’s Startup Crawl along with 45 other local companies – plus plenty of local breweries. Startup Crawl draws 1,500+ attendees every year. Attendees visit local offices, drink local craft beer and check out technology demos on items including IoT, the Connected Home,  mobile apps and robotics.

Our office was paired with Columbus House Brewery, a local micro (3 barrel) brewery located just off of the bike trail and operated by two University of Arkansas graduates. If you are in the area. go check them out.

Metova’s staff got to show off our space (and incredible view) to at least 300 new people. What a night! It was a great time for Metovians to engage with the Northwest Arkansas startup community and show off our recent work. We met entrepreneurs, future developers, seasoned veterans of the industry and other Northwest Arkansas thought leaders. There were even a few folks who came in to the area just for this event. 

The most common question we heard was, “So what do you do here?” In short, we are a technology and software development firm. Of course, there’s a much longer answer to that, which includes conversations around Mobile First, IoT, the Connected Car and so on, but when the main focus of the night is beer, sometimes a brief answer works best.

Special thanks to Startup Junkie for organizing a phenomenal event. This was the second year for Metova to participate, and we are already looking forward to 2019. If you came by the office please drop a comment below and let us know. We would love to stay connected. 

If you are looking for a job in tech please check our current listings. We are always looking for fresh ideas and great talent. It doesn’t hurt that we have beer in common.

Photo credit: Lorenzo Garnett