The Connected Farm – How IoT Will Change Agriculture

In the new connected world, industries are presented with tremendous opportunities to leverage emerging technologies to make life easier, maximize profit, maintain customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge. While sectors including automobiles, industrial manufacturing and robotics seem obvious places to leverage the latest technology, often the most revolutionary and world-changing use of new tech can be around improving human necessities such as, through agriculture –  the need to eat.

As the benefits of ‘smart’ connectivity become apparent, agriculture is evolving through “digital transformation” to leverage the benefits that come with connected real-time data on things such as moisture, location, movement, temperature, light and much more. Unfortunately often, due to the high installation cost, short wireless range and high battery drain, many common connectivity solutions provide little if any ROI for industries such as agriculture.

Enter new long-range wireless technologies such as LoRa WAN, that offer long 10+ mile range connectivity, minimal installation cost and a nearly maintenance-free low battery draw. These new technologies are being integrated into areas including livestock, farm machinery, irrigation and much more, with tremendous success.

“Long range, low power protocols will address the barriers that have previously kept agricultural industries from benefiting from the modern connected world,” said Josh Smith, CEO of Metova, a member of the LoRa Alliance. “At Metova, we are at the forefront in working with emerging technologies that provide the functionality and features needed by agriculture, and specialize in analyzing a particular business or operations challenge to recommend, implement and maintain the right end to end solution.”

A major challenge faced by ranchers and farm owners is navigating the tremendous amount of options and technologies available to find an affordable solution that has long-term viability and will not only make for a better product but also improve and maximize profit. Many owners find themselves overwhelmed to the point of inaction when faced with making the jump in digital transformation necessary to keep their business thriving. Luckily many companies such as Metova, a world leader in IoT and connected technologies, specialize in understanding and working with emerging technologies and applying them to a wide range of industries including automobiles, municipal utilities, broadcast, the connected home – and agriculture.

“With all of the new connected technologies, sensors, devices and applications, deciding on the right products and direction can be overwhelming,” said Jonathan Sasse, CMO at Metova.

“If you find your business in such a position we’re here to say, you don’t need to be a tech expert to use all of these technologies – you just need to know one. At Metova we are happy to spend time with your team, observe your business procedures then make recommendations and work with your business to find the right solution for you. If you know a digital transformation would benefit your business but are not sure how to begin, give us a call. We’re happy to talk.”


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