Why Your App Needs to be Updated for iOS 9

iOS 9 will be here in just a few months. Now is the time to take a look at your applications and get them updated! Keeping your application up to date is particularly beneficial on iOS. It has an incredibly high adoption rate with 83% of users running the newest system compared to Android’s 12%. Be proactive about these new changes and don’t let your app get outdated. Updating can help your application function more smoothly, be more visible to your users, and look amazing.



Split-Screen Features

One of the exciting new features offered in iOS 9 has made it easier for busy people to multitask. The screen can now be split in order to have two applications open at once. They can run side by side or a new application can be opened on top of the current one. For instance, if you receive an important message while watching the game, you can respond to it without having to worry about missing a play. You can even pinch zoom the video and drag it around on screen.

Applications that were created using Auto Layout should have no problems. Auto Layout was introduced with iOS 6 and creates an interface based on item relationships. This allows for much more flexibility than an interface based solely on screen size. If your application is not set up with layout changes in mind, it will not only look terrible but your users may have trouble using it.



Proactive Siri Search

Siri will be playing a more active role in assisting users in iOS 9. In order to be as helpful as possible, Siri can learn users’ habits. If a user has a habit of using your application every morning to track their weight, Siri will recognize this and promote your app in the mornings.

In addition to searching the internet in order to find answers to your questions, she will also be looking at device information such as applications. If the result of a search can be found in your application, Siri will display it. Users will be able to quickly and easily access your application from the results page with deep linking.

Siri can become a promoter of your application and make it easier to access in order to please the user. You just need to update your application so that Siri can access relevant information. It is a win-win-win for your users, Siri, and you.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch got a handful of updates as well. Applications will be able to access the watch’s accelerometer, mic, speaker, taptic engine, and crown. Instead of storing data on the phone and transferring it to the watch, data will be stored directly on the watch. This change in architecture will require applications that currently integrate with the Apple Watch to be updated in order to work using watchOS 2. It will also allow the watch to work independently of the phone.


Stay ahead of the curve:

Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike