Justice Baker: QA Test Engineer, Artist, Legend of Zelda Enthusiast & February’s Employee Spotlight

February 2023 Spotlight

QA Test Engineer, Artist, Fur-mom, Legend of Zelda Enthusiast…these are a few of the qualities from our team member spotlight for the month of February! Justice Baker has been a QA apprentice and Tester on the team for over three years!

Tell us a bit about yourself, Justice!

What drew you to Metova?

Justice: Long story short, at the time I was looking for a new opportunity and I saw that Metova has some engineering internships available and I was interested. Our awesome director of recruiting, Allison, reached out and instead of talking to me about the internship, she actually told me that we were going to be opening up some engineering apprenticeship positions and she told me all about it. I was immediately sold. I thought it sounded like an awesome opportunity. I couldn’t pass it u, and here I am, over three years later lol.

What were you doing before Metova?

Justice: I was actually working for another IT company that specialized in Geographic Information Systems. I was their technical customer support. I assisted clients and customers with their different web applications. I also did some other things, like host training webinars, wrote training manuals..things like that.

What would you say is the most unique part about working here?

Justice: I would say the most unique part is the fact that we get to work on so many different projects in so many different industries. From banking to healthcare and so many more – I think that’s a unique thing about this company for sure.

What have been your biggest accomplishments here?

Justice: Probably completing my technical training classes, getting my QA certification with that, completing my apprenticeship program, and just furthering myself as a QA professional.

How would you describe your team?

Justice: Everybody that I work with is just awesome. Everyone is so nice, approachable, helpful in all kinds of ways. Everyone that I’ve worked with, across all the different projects. I would say my team is just great.

What is it about you that most people don’t know?

Justice: Despite the fact that I have a career in IT, and that it’s what I went to school for and everything, I’m actually big into arts and crafts. I really love to get to channel some creativity.

If you could choose anybody in the world to be your mentor, who would it be?

Justice: Probably like a woman CEO or entrepreneur in tech. Probably just from their accomplishments, that is somebody I could really learn a lot from.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career in QA testing?

Justice: Become familiar and love to use TestRail and Charles Proxy. Probably Jira also. Those are the tools that I use basically every day and I use them pretty much in all my testing since I’ve been here.

Do you have any pets?

Justice: I do. I have six pets, actually lol. Four cats and two Australian shepherds.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

Justice: Probably that I can crochet. I love crocheting.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done before?

Justice: There was one time a few years ago that I went to a convention and I got to meet Ben Affleck. I got a picture with him and everything. For me, that was a little crazy.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

Justice: I’m really into breakfast and brunch. So, probably something like eggs benedict and roasted potatoes coffee. I love that it’s kind of simple but I think it’s also just really good.

What’s your favorite video or board game?

Justice: Probably the Legend of Zelda series in general. It’s one I grew up with. I particularly enjoy the Breath of the Wild installment that came out a few years back. I’m super excited for the second one to come out. It should be this year, so we’ll see lol, I’ve been waiting on it for a long time. I really like those games, like the fantasy, action, and adventure.

Do you cook?

Justice:  I try to as much as I can, but I’m not very good. I do basically the same few meals. I don’t really branch out too much.

Pineapple pizza…yay or nay?

Justice: Nay. I could never bring myself to do it. My favorite pizza is probably like a meat-lovers or something really meaty. I love olives on my pizza.

Who was your favorite band from 10 years ago?

Justice: I think around that time, I was obsessed with this punk-rock band called Paramore. I was really into them and would listen to them all the time.

How would you spend a million dollars in 24 hours?

Justice: I would pay off anything owed, buy a nice house, take a nice vacation somewhere, and save and invest the rest of it probably.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Justice: Work-related: probably check-banking. We’re constantly adding new features and financial institutions to that one. Even though it’s been a long-term project I’ve been on, it doesn’t get dull. We’re constantly adding stuff, and that’s pretty cool. Hobby-wise: probably between digit artwork or crochet. I just finished a little Snorlax plushy for Valentine’s Day (it was a gift).

If you could get a new skill in ten minutes, what would it be?

Justice: Probably cooking, but actual gourmet-style or restaurant-style meals.

What is a skill you think everyone should learn?

Justice: Probably programming, actually. I think it’s very valuable. It definitely challenges you. Even if you’re just learning the basics.

Thank you for your time, Justice! We appreciate all the work that you do.


Alondra Cruz
Alondra Cruz