iPhone and Android Phone Pranks

It’s that day again. The day when people are on high alert and need to watch their every move. Any other day that box of donuts wouldn’t be safe around you. But today you can’t be sure what those donuts are filled with. It’s best to not risk it.

At Metova, we love to play pranks on each other. They range from unplugging mice and keyboards to hiding an annoy-a-tron in the office to having a discussion about some questionable images we “found on your computer.” Phones and computers are big targets if left unlocked or lying around. Leaving your computer unlocked opens up a world of possibilities for the trolls. Upon return you could find that your wallpaper or screensaver changed, you have declared your love for your fellow coworkers and are going to prove it by bringing in 5 lbs of bacon (or donuts, or cupcakes), or you may have announced your sudden pregnancy. While we don’t recommend following in our footsteps- some of our antics are not for the faint of heart- we have compiled a list of a few relatively harmless phone pranks you can try on an unsuspecting friend.

Siri is on Your Side

Metovians are quick learners and it is incredibly rare to find an unlocked device laying around. Lucky for those of us doing the pranking, that won’t stop this trick. Even when iPhones are locked, Siri is still available. Hold down the home button to summon your helpful friend and prank away. Need some ideas?

Use Siri to change their name. “Siri, from now on call me Mr. Snuffaluffagus.”

Use Siri to schedule an important event. “Siri, remind me to move the body when I get home.”

Use Siri to add items to their shopping list. “Siri, add lube to my shopping list.”


AutoCorrect is a …..

This is only for iPhone users. Change commonly used words into other, more amusing words. Go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Keyboard.” Select “Add New Shortcut.” Type in the word you would like to target as well as its more amusing replacement. Want ideas?

Change “hi” to “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

Change “bye” to “Don’t go, I need to be held.”

Change “yes” to “what?”

You could even add extra words to the original. Instead of “me” try “me and your mom.” Replace “you” with “your face.”


Frozen Screen

This prank can work on both iPhones and Androids. Your friend won’t know why their app shortcuts have ceased working. First off, take a screenshot of the home screen. Then set the screenshot as the wallpaper. Move all of the icons to another location, or if using an Android, swype to a new homescreen. Sit back and watch the ensuing confusion.



Android has several nice features that make the device easier for people with disabilities to use. The TalkBack feature slows down user interaction for the seeing impaired. Clicking an icon only reads the app name aloud and scrolling must be done with two fingers. Apps are opened with a double tap. Watching an unsuspecting friend try to figure out how to navigate their phone with this enabled would be a riot, particularly if they are the overly impatient type. Under “Settings” select “Accessibility.” Select “TalkBack,” flip the switch to ON, and select “OK” on the popup screen. You may be shown a tutorial on how to use TalkBack. If you have the extra time to spare, running through it will give you a taste of what’s to come.


Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike