Metova and Central Standard Talent Announce Merger to Create Metova Strategies

With the completed merger, Metova Strategies offers turnkey digital consulting, design, and development while also delivering world-class near shore staffing solutions

BENTONVILLE, Ark.July 11, 2023

Metova and Central Standard Talent are excited to announce their merger, forming an innovative new venture called Metova Strategies. The merger, finalized on July 1st, combines exceptional expertise in Digital Consulting & Delivery, Data & AI, and Talent Acquisition Solutions, providing comprehensive, results-oriented strategies and tools to enhance competitiveness, stimulate growth, and craft superior customer experiences.

Metova Strategies will continue to streamline digital product development, accelerating the lifecycle of innovation from inception to launch.

“With our combined US headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and an extended network across Latin America through our merger with Central Standard Talent, we are optimally positioned to cater to a broad range of client needs. Operating at the intersection of technology, talent, and transformative growth, we serve as a trusted partner, empowering businesses to navigate and lead in their respective markets, staying ahead of trends, and consistently maintaining their competitive edge,”


Josh Smith, CEO of Metova Strategies.

Additionally, the merger enhances the capabilities of connecting clients with top-tier talent. Central Standard Talent’s broad Latin American network, headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico, will boost Metova’s talent acquisition capabilities. This strategic move will ensure a supply of highly skilled professionals, carefully chosen to align with clients’ requirements, reduce time-to-hire, present a diverse pool of talent, and improve employee retention rates.

Another exciting aspect of the merger is the provision of integrated solutions, blending digital consulting & technology expertise with a refined talent strategy. This approach ensures streamlined communication, effective collaboration, and efficient project management, saving clients’ time and resources. Whether clients need outsourced, insourced, or hybrid talent solutions, Metova Strategies is equipped to cater holistically to their specific needs.

Metova Strategies is at the forefront of enabling clients to digitally disrupt their industries and establish market leadership. Our tailored approach in digital consulting & delivery, data & AI, and talent acquisition solutions, allows us to propel businesses effectively to scale and adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics. As the driving force behind our clients’ growth, we leverage these combined capabilities to ensure they stay ahead of market trends and consistently maintain their competitive edge.

About Metova Strategies

Metova Strategies, a verified veteran owned business, is dedicated to empowering businesses with an all-encompassing suite of technology and talent solutions, inspired by the significance of effective decision-making, communication, and team performance. Our customized approach, tailored to clients’ unique needs and goals, focuses on scaling operations, optimizing digital product development, and assembling exceptional teams for enduring success. To learn more about Metova Strategies solutions, please visit


Alondra Cruz
Alondra Cruz