Metova launches iPad app DocNow

Nashville PostMetova and Ntegral Applications announced today they have launched DocNow, an iPad application that assists therapists with the tedious process of recording notes for speech, occupational and physical therapy

The two entities unveiled DocNow to more than 250 special education professionals at the annual Arkansas Association of Special Education Administrators conference, which was held June 24 in Eureka Springs, Ark.

With DocNow, users can manage their caseloads on-the-go, documenting sessions from remote areas to save time and increase efficiency. Previously, people would have to manually log information on paper during a therapy session and transfer that information into an electronic system at another time.

“With just a couple of taps, DocNow records and tracks progress made towards clients’ goals and objectives,” John Adams, CEO of Franklin-based Metova. “The mobile application produces easy-to-access reports and provides statistics and analytics for parents, staff and management.”

Ntegral Applications is based in Little Rock, Ark.


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