Legendary Stakes: The Next Frontier in Equestrian Sports, Powered by Metova

Metova Empowers Revolutionary Horse Racing with Legendary Stakes

Tradition meets innovation with the launch of Legendary Stakes, a groundbreaking software platform that promises to revolutionize horse competitions and earn money. Developed by Metova, Legendary Stakes introduces a host of never-before-seen functionalities designed to benefit competitors, owners, breeders, and show producers alike.

“Legendary Stakes is positioned to deliver the largest purses the Western Performance Horse industry has ever seen and we’re proud to be the technology partner behind the biggest innovation yet to propel these competitions into the future,” said Jonathan Sasse, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Metova.

The Driving Force Behind the Revolution

As the official technology partner of Legendary Stakes, Metova injects a potent blend of innovation and expertise into the equation. This collaboration signifies more than just a partnership; it’s a testament to the transformative power of technology when paired with visionary leadership. In a project where tradition meets innovation, Legendary Stakes stands as a beacon of progress. With Metova’s commitment to excellence, the stage is set for a legendary journey that will redefine the very essence of Western Disciplines. 

WHO: Competitors, Owners, Breeders, and Show Producers

WHAT: Piggybacking off the 14 largest Western Performance Horse disciplines by way of entrants, Legendary Stakes has created an exciting add-on functionality never before dreamed of for all involved

WHY: Increase the earning power for horses, royalty sharing for stallion owners and breeders, and diversify a horse and competitor’s ability to win

WHEN: The web platform is live & events commenced in 2024

HOW: Visit Create an account, and enter all of your horse’s information. Notifications will begin once entries are ready

What is Legendary Stakes?

Legendary Stakes isn’t just another platform; it’s a game-changer in the world of Western Disciples. The platform offers a unique opportunity for horses to increase their earning potential, while providing stallion owners and breeders with real-time data and royalty-sharing mechanisms. By piggybacking off the 14 largest Western Performance Horse disciplines, Legendary Stakes opens up a world of new possibilities for everyone involved in the industry.

How Does it Work?

The process is simple: competitors, breeders, and owners can visit to create an account and enter their horse’s information. Once enrolled, participants will receive notifications when entries are ready to be accepted. Stallion owners enroll their horses to unlock disciplines and maximize earning potential.

Unprecedented Opportunities

What sets Legendary Stakes apart is its ability to generate significant revenue for participants. With assumptions based on known industry data, projections suggest that the Legendary Purse could reach staggering figures, potentially surpassing nine figures. This represents a paradigm shift in the way horses earn money, with a significant portion of entry fees allocated to the Legendary Purse, stallion owners, breeders, and platform maintenance.

Lifetime Enrollment

Unlike conventional stallion enrollment programs that require annual fees, Legendary Stakes offers stallion owners a one-time fee for lifetime enrollment. This ensures long-term stability and incentivizes participation, with discounted rates available for early adopters. Stallion owners can unlock disciplines for their foals, allowing them to compete across multiple events and maximize their earning potential.

Empowering Stallion Owners and Breeders

Legendary Stakes isn’t just about winning competitions; it’s about empowering stallion owners and breeders to diversify their revenue streams and unlock new opportunities. With annual royalties for every offspring entry sired by enrolled stallions, as well as data and engagement opportunities, Legendary Stakes represents a significant leap forward for the industry.


Looking Towards the Future

With its innovative approach and commitment to empowering participants at every level, Legendary Stakes has the potential to reshape the landscape of Western Disciplines for years to come. Metova’s collaboration with Legendary Stakes marks a new chapter in the evolution of equestrian sports. By combining cutting-edge technology with a passion for innovation, Legendary Stakes is poised to become the premier national platform for competitors, owners, breeders, and show producers. 

The future of horse racing has arrived, and it’s Legendary. Embrace the Future of Horse Racing with Legendary Stakes!

Learn more about how Legendary Stakes works by downloading their Legendary Handout Brochure.

Alondra Cruz
Alondra Cruz