Smartphone Voting Capabilities Could Turn Out Over 60 Million More Votes In the Next Election

Survey: Over Two-Thirds of People Who Did Not Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election Would Have Voted if They Could Have Done So on Their Smartphone


FRANKLIN, Tenn., and FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. Oct. 17, 2018 Metova, a world-leading provider of mobile, connected car, connected home and IoT Solutions, today announced findings from a “Mobile First” survey revealing the sentiment of over 1000 consumers. The survey was conducted to research the growing trend of “Mobile First” in which consumers prefer to perform everyday tasks and utilize services on their smartphones. Notably, 67 percent of people who did not vote in the last presidential election would have voted if they could have done so on their smartphone.

“We were surprised to see the number of respondents who would have voted via their smartphone if that were possible,” said Jonathan Sasse, CMO at Metova. “Today it is common to perform tasks that require extreme security: banking, managing healthcare and even sending money via a smartphone. Mobile subscribers are saying that they want even more access to services on their smartphone and our data shows that once mobile voting is available, it will have a massive effect on election results.”

According to public statistics, over 138 million people voted in 2016 – less than 60 percent of registered voters – indicating roughly 92 million people who could have voted, did not vote. Projecting the findings from the survey, over 60 million additional votes could be counted in upcoming elections with smartphone voting capabilities.

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Key survey findings include:

  • Nearly 1/3 of total respondents are interested in voting via smartphone
  • 67 percent of the people who did not vote in the last presidential election would have voted if they could have done so on their smartphone
  • Of the people who said they would have voted by smartphone, 36 percent were Democrat, 19 percent Republican and 35 percent Independent

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