The 2012 Tech 25

The Nashville area’s most distinctive and fascinating IT entities deliver a certain innovation and impact, positively affecting various industry sectors and — in the process — our region’s economy.

It is perhaps unfortunate that many folks still view information technology as it relates to businesses in Middle Tennessee as an offshoot of the area’s health care sector. And, indeed, some of the companies you will find on our list are health care-oriented.

However, there has long been a robust roster of local IT companies that serve various business sectors.

For example, our list includes companies representing communications, finance, graphic arts, marketing and music business.

Also noteworthy: Seven companies that made the list in 2011 return for another appearance.

Compiling the list was no easy task. But we feel these 25 businesses comprise a stellar group, one that will continue to help drive Nashville’s fast-changing tech scene.

Kevin Ross, president and founder

It’s been an amazing run for tech-entrepreneur-turned-success Kevin Ross and company. Metova, Ross’s brainchild and 2006 creation, develops custom mobile applications from its Franklin – based offices. In 2011, Metova found itself on the Inc. 500 list, a prestigious honor by anyone’s estimation, making the cut at number 492. Gross revenues for the preceding year (2010) approached $3 million, the reason for the Inc. 500 honor. Ross told Nashville Post then the future was about his company being “debt-free, bootstrapped and proud.”

In September, Ross and company sold a majority stake to an Arkansas–based concern, A4 Solutions, run by U.S. Army retired veteran John Adams. Ross hasn’t divulged the details of the transaction but did keep a “significant equity interest” for himself and assumed president responsibilities. Adams is Metova’s CEO now but operations are still split between Little Rock and Franklin. Changes to those logistics aren’t foreseen. And just to confirm all bases have been covered, with the A4 transaction came a name change. Metova is now Metova Mobile.


By Nashville Post Staff

This article originally appeared in the Nashville Post.