Facebook Business Pages 101

As we’ve discussed before, engaging with your target audience through social media is a key compenent of executing an effective digital marketing campagin. One of the main avenues of social media engagement is through Facebook Business Pages; however, as the social media landscape contiues to change and evolve it is important to be using Facebook Business best practices to continue to succeed in audience engagement.


First, you need to make sure to setup your Facebook Business Page correctly! This seems like a no-brainer, but in fact many companies don’t set up their page effectively. A few things to keep in mind when doing the initial setup of your Facebook Business Page:

  1. Actually set it up as a company page. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of entities that make the mistake of setting up their business with a personal profile. Personal profiles don’t include the valuable lead-boosting tools and analytics that are associated with a company page.
  2. Keep your “About” section high-level with primary company functions, mission statements, and things you are known for such as awards or products. You don’t need to give every detail about your company away here.
  3. Include your website link and a call-to-action. Make sure visitors have all the tools they need to get more information about you.
  4. Determine what to do about messaging. Considering whether or not to allow people to directly message you should be carefully evaluated. You don’t want to leave the option for messaging on, but never respond to inquiries and lose traction with your audience.
  5. Make sure your Facebook Business Page makes a visual statement! When initially creating your company’s page, you should be sure to include high-quality, customized, fully branded images as your profile picture and cover photo. Branding is important for providing consistency and aiding in company recognition. Therefore, be sure that your Facebook Business imagery accurately depicts your company’s branding and is easily recognizable.


Don’t forget to actually use the page once you’ve set it up. A well constructed Facebook Business Page is only as successful as its content. Even the best looking, most informative page will falter if it is not regularly utilized to engage with the designated audience. You can do this through informative company news, relevant social happenings, and general posts that resonate with the company message. Create a schedule based on social media best practices and general habits of your identified target audience. Once you determine and implement your Facebook posting schedule, STICK TO IT. Consistency is key.

Maneuvering successfully through the murky waters of digital marketing is not always easy. However, these simple principles will help set your company up for success on your Facebook Business Page. If this brief overview leaves you with a desire to engage with our Marketing Team to formulate your very own custom digital marketing plan to be used on Facebook and beyond, reach out to us today!



Alexa Williams
Alexa Williams