Mobile App Development Company Metova Shares Secrets of Success

Tennessean LogoNashville has been recognized recently for its economic vitality and a growing base of companies that are on the move. This week, Inc. released its annual list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America, and more than three dozen companies from Middle Tennessee made the list. We decided to reach out to several of these companies and figure out some of their growth secrets. Here are responses from 15 of this year’s crop of fast movers.

Rank: 3,523 Metova

2012 Revenue: $3.4 million

3-year revenue growth: 87 percent

In 25 words or less, what does your company do?
Metova develops custom applications for Web, smartphone and tablet platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

You have been able to grow the company, even in challenging economic times. Why do you think your company was successful when so many others were struggling?
We continue to adapt to the needs of our customers. For example, our clients told us they needed back-end, Web and cloud services to support application provisioning, so we expanded to include these development offerings.

What advice would you give other business owners who are struggling to grow revenue? Any secrets to success?
Establish lean financial and operational processes and, if you’re a software shop, an agile development methodology that can help you build products quickly and with a high level of customer involvement.

What do the next 12-18 months look like for your company?
The mobile app development market continues to be a hot one, and we expect to grow our services and staff of programmers this year and in the years to come. We will also be moving our headquarters from Franklin to Nashville this fall.

— Dave McAllister, president


This article originally appeared in The Tennessean.