Quick Guide To Naming Your Business

One of the first things you need to do when starting a business is come up with a name. For some people, this may be easy. While some individuals may know exactly what they want to name their business, others may have to go through a process of brainstorming and trial and error to come to a final decision. To streamline this process, here are a few helpful ways that can help get your creative juices flowing and find the perfect name.

Make Your Business Name Personal

Make your business name personal

If you’re going to create your own business, it’s important that the name means something to you. This doesn’t have to be as direct as naming the business after yourself, but make sure that whatever you land on is something that you’ll always remember and find impactful. Some ideas to consider are favorite colors, a specific memory, or a keepsake item. The possibilities are endless! If you end up naming your business something that isn’t personal, make sure it’s something you can live with long-term. It’ll be a part of your professional history forever, even if you decide to sell the business one day.

Check Domain Name Availability

Google your business name

A great idea is only an idea until you have the ability to own it. One easy way to see if your great business name is one that will work is to check to see if the domain is available. You can easily check on sites like or If the domain is available, that’s a great indication that your business name has a leg up on being memorable. You should also check on how other businesses or entities may be using the name. Do a quick social media search and Google search. Make sure that your business name isn’t already associated with a business or being used in an odd social campaign.


Ask People

Get feedback about your business name

This is a big decision! Although you may have an idea that you are in love with, make sure that others will love it too. Even if you can’t imagine a negative connotation associated with your potential name, having “another set of eyes” check out your business name is a good idea. Ask a wide variety of people, not just friends that are close to you. People from other generations and backgrounds should also be asked to give input on how they feel about the name. Simple questions like “what does ____ make you think of?” or “if someone worked for a company named _____ would they appear trustworthy?” There’s no true science to this, just make sure that across the board there are only positive connotations associated with your potential business name.


Brainstorm Visual Branding Components

Draw ideas for your brand name

A good name is only part of the branding puzzle when creating a business. Play around with what you want to incorporate into your branding. What colors and images coordinate with your name and message? What could you put into a logo with that business name? How would that name look on a business card? This step can be as simple as thinking about ideas or as complex as making mood boards to combine color schemes and imagery. Make sure that your name looks how you want and presents the exact vibe and feel you want your customers to see.


Go Start Brainstorming

The process is short and simple enough that you can go through it as many times necessary to get it perfect! Naming your business is an exciting first step to your entrepreneurial journey, so have fun with it. There’s (almost) no right way to name your business, so make sure it works for you. If you’re interested in some additional help, reach out! Our team can provide market research to help you focus your idea and even help you in the naming process.


Alexa Williams
Alexa Williams