25 09, 2018
  • Mobile First Infographic

Infographic: Mobile First

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Metova commissioned a survey of over 1000 consumers to better understand their sentiment on "Mobile First" – the new frontier where customers use their mobile phone as the initial and primary way of interacting with business.  

28 06, 2018

Infographic: The Connected Car

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At Metova we specialize in helping customers leverage the latest technology to achieve their business goals, increase customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the pack. Whether it’s IoT, the Connected Home, Mobile App development or the Connected Car, we truly love the amazing ways technology can improve lives. This month we’ve been putting a spotlight [...]

14 05, 2018

Infographic: The Connected Home

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A survey commissioned by Metova reveals high consumer adoption of connected devices, along with concern about privacy issues these devices could bring. See also: Infographic: The Connected Car