12 12, 2016

Trends of Marketing Past, Present, and Future

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Merriam-Webster’s definition of a trend is: to extend in a general direction or follow a general course. When it comes to business trends come and go. Some take time to build up, while others happen seemingly overnight and then disappear quickly. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to marketing strategies. […]

23 11, 2016

Buyer Personas In A Nutshell

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If you are involved in marketing, strategy, sales, or other client facing portions of your company then you’ve probably heard of the term buyer persona. But what exactly is a buyer persona? How does your buyer persona impact your business? How well do you know Small-Business Steve and Entrepreneur Eileen? […]

31 10, 2016

How to Promote Your Application

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Congratulations on the release of your application! It looks great, is easy to use, and functions as intended. It’s not time to rest yet! It can be easy to forget that application development is an ongoing process. Now you need to promote your application and get users. Here are some tips to get your fan [...]

28 09, 2016

Startup Marketing Strategy

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Planting the roots for a successful startup is difficult yet important. One of the key pieces in the successful startup puzzle is establishing a solid marketing plan. The reason being is simple; you’re new. With the exception of those working closely with you, not many people are aware of your business and all the amazing [...]

3 08, 2016

Drive Growth with Successful Business Strategy

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The key to creating a successful business is defining a solid strategy. By doing so, you are putting your best foot forward and setting your business up to perform tremendously and drive growth. Now that 2016 is well underway, it’s time to start thinking forward into target areas for 2017.There’s no time like the present. [...]

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