US Navy Persistent Cyber Training Environment

Metova CyberCENTS Cyber Range Technology Selected for US Navy Persistent Cyber Training Environment

$2.5M Procurement Provides US Navy with Metova CyberCENTS’ Turn-Key Cyber Range and Persistent Training Environment Solution for the Navy Cyber Operations Training Simulator Program

Cabot, AR, August 18, 2016 – Metova CyberCENTS®, the cutting-edge authority in cybersecurity simulation and training and a Cybersecurity 500 honoree, today announced their selection as the cyber range persistent training environment (PTE) provider for the US Navy Cyber Operations Training Simulator (NCOTS) program.

The Metova Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulator (CENTS®) platform provides the Navy with a turn-key cyber range persistent training environment that creates a realistic, resettable and safe network environment emulating Navy networks. The Navy Cyber Operations Training Simulator will be inclusive of cyber range builds for the Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC), the Network Operations Center (NOC), as well as ship environments. The cyber range will provide a full-time persistent training environment for the training and certification of Navy Cryptologic Technicians, Information Systems Technicians, Navy Teams (Red Team, Blue Team), Training and Assessment Visit Team as well as a NCDOC watch focused on cyber protection team missions and defensive cyber operations.

Metova CyberCENTS CYNTRS® platform will support both NCDOC and NOC functions. NCDOC and NOC range components will be interconnected to the five ship ranges provided by Metova’s HOTSIM®. The ship simulators will be able to function as part of the NCDOC and NOC interconnection, or each ship can function as a stand-alone range – permitting focused training for missions. Metova CyberCENTS’ Navy Cyber Operations Training Simulator solution will provide persistent training environments for echelon 2 and 3 of the Navy cyber workforce.

“These latest Metova CyberCENTS offerings provide a robust persistent training environment for cyber threat simulation and network emulation with a tailored Navy specific functionality and design required by Navy cyber forces” said Bill Dunn, president of Metova CyberCENTS. “We look forward to serving the US Navy’s Cyber Operations Training Simulator Program for training, testing and exercising cyberspace operations.”

Metova CyberCENTS’ CYNTRS and HOTSIM make up the hardware and virtual machine components for NCOTS providing the capabilities that bring a cyber range to life. The SLAM-R® hardware appliance provides VM/device management, a functioning Internet “grey space” with websites and social media, RFC compliant traffic generation and an event and attack framework for building scenarios and creating traffic profiles. Metova CyberCENTS Range Global Internet serves as the interconnecting hub where Navy Cyber Operations Training Simulator elements are integrated together for virtual dispersed global operations.

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