Abbey Jackson
Posted by Abbey Jackson
January 16, 2017

Remote Work Strategies: Give Yourself a Break

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in your work that the next time you look at the clock you realize the entire day has gone by and you haven't even moved from your chair? It is pretty common for remote workers, particularly developers, to become engrossed in their work and forget to take breaks. Developers have a compulsion for problem solving and have a hard time pulling away from an unfinished task. It should go without saying that this sort of fixation can become unhealthy, especially when it keeps you from eating or using the restroom.

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Trent Nicholson
Posted by Trent Nicholson
September 19, 2016

Building Your Brand Through Social Media

Reality check: it’s 2016, your social media presence has become a part of your brand.

The content - and the quality/quantity of your content - reflects your company. In a lot of circumstances, it’s your audience’s first impression. Unless your brand specializes in the fields of bad photography and pixelated inspirational quotes, it’s important to tackle your social presence from a more strategic perspective.

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