Domain Name Extension Pros and Cons

A lot of thought and consideration goes into deciding what your new website domain name will be. Whether it’s a cooking blog or an eCommerce website you want to be sure to pick the perfect domain name and extension that will entice visitors, be easy to find, and resonate with your target audience. Even once you determine what you want your domain name to be, you still have to check to see which domain extensions are available and which extension will best suit your website’s purpose and audience.


.com domain name


The first extension that comes to anyone’s mind when looking for a website is .com. This extension is commonly utilized across all types and sizes of organizations. .com has international recognition. Most people will assume an extension is .com and will type that into their preferred browser first.


The biggest pitfall to a .com extension is that there’s a greater chance that your desired URL with the .com extension is already taken. Additionally, due to the popularity of .com extensions it is likely that the  .com domain name is going to cost more to own.



.net domain name


If your company is offering web-based services, .net is a widely recognized and utilized domain extension. They are available worldwide just like a .com extension. Having a .net extension allows your visitors to expect web-based services and will help you narrow down leads by sector automatically. .net is commonly used for companies offering web hosting or internet service providers. .net extensions are usually more readily available and cheaper than the .com version of the domain name.


It is more specialized in terms of the business connotations associated with having a .net extension. Therefore, if you are not offering web-related services you run the risk of being overlooked by potential visitors.



.org domain name


The .org extension is available globally. It is a well trusted extension and is often associated with non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and trade organizations alike. There are minimal restrictions associated with this domain extension and it is typically available for cheaper than its .com counterpart. The connotation associated with having a .org extension are that the website is representative of a refined, solid business structure with trustworthy information.


The only con associated with having a .org extension is that it will typically come in second place as far as traffic with its .com competitor with the same domain name. However, with the appropriate marketing strategy .org websites have proven to be just as widely recognized as .com



.io domain name


Considering that the .io extension is one of the newer contenders for domain names, it is no surprise that it has innovative, trendy connotations connected to it. Websites with .io extensions are most often start-ups or companies whose primary service is something entrepreneurial or technology related. Since it is “new”, there are more available options for domain names with a .io extension and they are almost always cheaper.


Since .io is still building recognition it is not typically the first extension that internet users will think of when searching for a company’s website. Therefore, it is most recommended to use for companies that are innovative and/or technology related since it is more likely that their target audience will recognize and trust a .io extension.


Of course there are other options for website domain name extensions like .biz, .gov, .edu, .media, .news, .info,  the list goes on and on. When choosing the appropriate domain name extension to most accurately resonate with your target audience it is important to evaluate who that internet user is and what they might be looking for. Keep in mind these factors when purchasing a new domain name, and if all else fails, buy them all!


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Alexa Williams