12 12, 2019

FORBES: The Road To Digital Transformation: Who Are You And What Do You Have?

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Ready to make the journey into Digital Transformation? Before you go it's important to understand where you're going, and who you are as a company – and what you have to work with, if anything, from a technological standpoint. In part three of his series on Digital Transformation for Forbes, Metova president Jonathan Sasse, provides [...]

19 08, 2019

FORBES: Listen To Your Customers First To Digitally Transform And Survive

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Interested in learning more about the preparation that is needed in order to make the "leap" into digital transformation? As they old adage states, "it's about them, not you." Metova president, Jonathan Sasse covers this topic for Forbes. From the article: You can try to convince people to behave and consume how you think is [...]